The Manuela Programme – EU funded pilot.

It possessed key targets for achievement across the four counties the programme was delivered in Wexford, Dublin, Galway and Kerry by four part-time workers. It was independently researched with the key findings presented in October 2020. This six-week initiative, was an evidenced informed sexual violence prevention programme culminating into a sexual violence prevention toolkit for educators that encouraged 15-17 year olds to think critically about healthy relationships, boundaries, consent and sexual violence prevention.

It was very interactive and included activities, videos and presentations aimed at engaging young people in a dialogue that challenged attitudes, knowledge and skills in relation to sexual violence and harassment and consent and with the aim of reducing levels of sexual violence in Ireland. As the initiative drew to a close it became evident there was an appetite and significant interest in its continuance or the evolution of it for others to engage in going forward.

Wexford Rape Crisis reflected and reviewed this with the result of the Consent and Sexual Violence Prevention Programme (CSVPP) evolving.

Manuela Riedo.
Manuela Riedo.

Consent and Sexual Violence Prevention Programme (CSVPP)

From mid-2020 the CSVPP programme evolved and was specific to Wexford Rape Crisis offering a continued service through its education strand on a very part-time basis until 2021 where we became part of a further EU funded pilot called Consent-Ed. The CSVPP programme is premised over four sessions/weeks in a double class period, aiming to create and support a dialogue around the topics of sexual violence, consent, keeping safe, amongst other topics, in the hope it will lead to conscientious decision making in young people who engage in the programme.

It is an interactive process that challenges attitudes, creates knowledge and enhances skills in relation to the topics covered and primarily is aimed at Transition Year and senior cycle students. A number of key topics are underpinned by both a sexual violence prevention approach and strengths-based approach and will support and inform the holistic development of young people as in keeping with the outcomes in the TY Curricula with a number of key outcomes for practitioners and the young people who engage in this programme. CSVPP comprises of options for delivery to suit the differing needs of schools and organisations and can accommodate specific requests for the delivery of training, age-appropriate workshops or programmes for Junior Cycle classes too.

Consent-Ed – EU funded pilot

This initiative, supported by Tusla, is one Wexford Rape Crisis along with two other RCC’s in Galway and Dundalk, and Pavee Point, became part of in 2021 following on from the successful provision of the CSVPP and its predecessor, the Manuela Programme.

This pilot was funded until December 2022. It consisted of many key targets and outcome attainment. Primarily a significant focus was the creation of three sexual violence and awareness programmes, two for mainstream schools in both the junior and senior cycles and a programme for the Travelling Community in association with Pavee Point. Teacher training and upskilling was a key feature of this initiative too along with many other specific strategic targets to support progression and development of resources.

Consent & Sexual Violence Prevention Programmes

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