You can access counselling with Wexford Rape Crisis for the following:

Any form of Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, Gender-based violence or Child Sexual Abuse

Domestic Violence – Active or Historic

  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Sexual
  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Financial
  • Coercive control

Child Sexual Abuse – Recent or Historic disclosure

  • Adult w/ historic child sexual abuse, Under 18 w/ child sexual abuse
  • Adult Survivor
  • Child Survivor
  • Reported
  • Familial
  • Online Grooming

Sexual Violence – Recent or Historic

  • Stranger Rape
  • Acquaintance Rape
  • Statuary Rape
  • Spousal/Partner Rape
  • Incest
  • Serial Rape
  • Substance Facilitated
  • Multiple Perpetrators
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Date Rape
  • Online Sextortion
  • Gender-based violence – Active or Historic
  • Any form

Ages 12 to 17 can access counselling through our Adolescent Service.

Age 18 and over can access counselling through our Adult Counselling Service.

Parents/guardians of children who either can’t or don’t want to access counselling can receive support through our Parental Support Service.

Supporters of survivors can also access counselling.

Contact us freephone on 1800 330033