Compliance with the Governance Code

Governance Code WR&SASS

‘We comply with the Governance code for community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland.¬† We reviewed our organisation’s compliance with the principles in the Code. We based this review on an assessment of our organisational practice against the recommended actions for each principle.¬† Our review sets out actions and completion dates for any issues that the assessment identifies need to be addressed’.


  • Set clear limits on acceptable behaviour
  • Say what you’re thinking and feeling – don’t assume that someone else knows
  • Don’t exploit others sexually; listen and respect what your partner is saying – NO MEANS NO
  • Stay alert; notice changes around you (i.e. all your friends¬† have left the party)
  • Watch out for each other – be protective of your friends and ask them to keep an eye on you
  • Watch what you’re drinking; make sure it’s not tampered with
  • Make sure to have the taxi fare home & always tell a freind where you are going
  • Ensure you have credit in your phone