Covid-19 Regulations

Wexford Rape Crisis has opened its doors to facilitate clients for face-to-face counselling.


While we are continuing with online and phone appointments, WRC has welcomed clients into our new building.


In accordance with Covid-19 Regulations, clients will be greeted by their counsellor at the door, before signing a Covid-19 Test and Trace Form. From there, the client can sanitise their hands and have their temperature taken. If the client’s temperature is above 37 degrees Celsius, WRC will ask the client to leave the premises and return at a later date when it is safe to do so.


All counsellors and staff members wear masks within the building and ask that clients do the same.


Wexford Rape Crisis employs a professional cleaner to clean the building while we also have a fog machine system to sanitise the rooms. The building has been equipped with multiple hand sanitising stations.


A member of staff has been designated as the Covid Safety Officer – this staff member is allocated to make sure that the building and staff follow Covid-19 safety regulations.


All WRC staff members have completed HSE Covid-19 health and safety training.