• Set clear limits on acceptable behaviour
  • Say what you’re thinking and feeling – don’t assume that someone else knows
  • Don’t exploit others sexually; listen and respect what your partner is saying – NO MEANS NO
  • Stay alert; notice changes around you (i.e. all your friends¬† have left the party)
  • Watch out for each other – be protective of your friends and ask them to keep an eye on you
  • Watch what you’re drinking; make sure it’s not tampered with
  • Make sure to have the taxi fare home & always tell a freind where you are going
  • Ensure you have credit in your phone

Receipt of cheque from Our Lady of Lourdes Girls

The above cheque was received recently from the girls from Our Lady of Lourdes School, New Ross who, are also members of the No Name Club.  Last year they did a project raising awareness around rape and sexual abuse.  The money was raised through various fundraising events.  Well done & many thanks to all involved and the hard work put in.  The girls who presented the cheque were Gemma Hanlon, Heather Peacock, Katie Kavanagh, Alice Moffitt, Ellen Irish and Katie Ronan.    Also in photo are Liz McBride and Catherine Murphy from the Wexford Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Service, Wexford.

The money received will go towards maintaining and promoting the counselling service.

In Their Own Words, Coping with Rape & Sexual Abuse, by Jackie Hayden (2003).

In Their Own Words РCoping with Rape and Sexual Abuse is based on more than 30 frank and moving interviews with survivors of abuse and rape and others whose work and lives are deeply affected by such crimes.  This book is intended to help the general public to understand the key issues, obstacles and difficulties involved in coping with the brutal, long-term effects of the crimes of rape and sexual abuse.