About Us

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide a counselling service sensitive to the needs of survivors of Sexual Violence, Rape, Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Harassment, that is empowering, non-judgmental and consistent in approach, that promotes the safety, privacy and dignity of the survivor.

Key principles which underpin the development of our service:

Violence & Sexual Abuse in relationships must always be viewed as an abuse of Human Rights.  They must not be rationalised or minimised and there must never be an acceptable or tolerable level of violence.

Anyone can be a victim of sexual violence, irrespective of age, race, income or employment status.

The Wexford Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Service was established in 1995 as an indirect result of the Kilkenny Incest Investigation and the need for a free counselling service in the Co Wexford area.  It quickly expanded as more and more survivors sought counselling.  As numbers increased so too did our outreach service which includes Gorey, Enniscorthy & New Ross.

Our counsellors are professionally qualified and accredited to the Rape Crisis Network, Ireland(RCNI) and to other relevant recognized Accreditation Bodies.

WR&SASS is a member of the Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) and we abide by the Network’s code of ethics and practice. The RCNI represents the Rape Crisis Centres in Ireland and provides a national voice for survivors of sexual violence.

We are also involved in local groups such as the Wexford Support Network on Domestic, Sexual and Gender Based Violence (WSN)  www.wexfordsupport.com and the Children and Young Person’s Services Committee (CYPSC)  for Co Wexford.

Our Board of Directors consists of nine men and women who come from various professional backgrounds.  They are: Mairead Sinnott, Laura Lawlor, Christine Hore, Darron Jordan, Dr. Moira Slevin and Damien Jordan.


PricewaterhouseCoopers, Cornmarket, Wexford

Charity No. CHY 12420

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